Why does Angels of New York only use Human hair for its hair replication systems?

Human hair provides more versatility, longer durability and can be custom styled and colored to ensure the client feels as comfortable as if they are wearing their own hair. The construction of a fully hand tied foundation allows for more breathe ability and results in a much lighter weight product. Our ability to create illusion and an almost seamless transition from natural hair-to-hair replication is what sets us apart from other alternatives.

How much does the customized wig typically cost?

Several factors influence the cost of a custom made wig, the quality of the hair itself, the length, the blend of colors, the texture, the quality of hand ventilation, and ultimately the precision cut and professional styling which will give you the true look of believability. While you can expect to pay more than the mass manufactured wigs you find in stores, we try to keep the cost within the range of what you’d expect to pay for a custom human hair wig.

How long does it take to make a wig?

As many as 60 to 70 hours goes into the creation of one wig, with as many as 4000 individual strands of hair being hand tied. From the time of your initial consultation to your final fitting and styling session, you can expect to have your wig within 2 weeks, although emergency and rush cases are never denied.

Can I still sign on for your hair replication system, even though I have lost all my hair already?

Starting you on the path of replicating your natural hair style before you start treatment helps us in making you look and feel more like yourself by replicating your own hair line, color, texture, cut and style. However, we can create a customized wig anytime you desire, and we can easily work from measurements and photographs.

How long will I have to wear my wig?

Many people believe they will only need a wig while going through treatments. Although you may be through the worst of it, and well on the road to recovery, one must understand that their own hair will take some time to grow back. Many clients stay with their wig until their hair is long enough to maintain a little style.

How do I maintain my wig?

The benefit we offer to our clients is complete full care salon services, as well as personalized custom design that covers consultation and follow up including regenerative scalp treatments. We can also work with you or your hair care professional with washing and styling techniques. In this small way, we attempt to contribute to the recovery process.

How often do I have to wash my wig?

This we have found is different for everyone; the key factor would be of course how often are you wearing your wig? We have found that every two or three weeks would be a general rule, as one would rarely sleep in their wig, this cuts down on at least half of the wearing time. Other contributing factors include the fact that the hair of your wig has no natural feeding source and this cuts down the amount of natural oils your own hair would produce.

Where do I keep my wig when I’m not wearing it?

We highly recommend the purchase of a professional wig block, this canvas covered, cork and wood filled head shaped block, is the perfect place to store your wig when not in use. Your wig block will help your wig to maintain its proper cap shape as well as help to wick out any moisture that may accumulate when in use. Your wig block also acts as a terrific styling tool when blow-drying and combing out your wig when not on your head.

How can I make sure my wig is secure on my head?

Proper fit is what we always want to achieve, our clients’ comfort level is quintessential. The inner structures of our wigs have a breathable stretch foundation, and also have adjusting tabs so you can loosen or tighten at will. If you are looking for added security, in times of lets say extreme weather conditions, we like to recommend a hypo allergenic cotton based double sided tape which can be applied to the inside of your wig. Also a simple stretch wig cap, or wig band, can also be very effective.

How long will it take for my hair to grow back?

The average hair growth rate is 1/2 inch per month. Apply this formula to your own hair length and that should give you a bit of a timetable. One thing to keep in mind is the origin of your true hair color. Many people are tinting, highlighting, or enhancing their hair in some way and may not have seen their true hair color in quite some time, so try not to be shocked when new hair re-growth is a color and or texture not quite expected.

What do I do with my wig when I no longer need it?

Many of our clients store their wig for future use, a bad hair day, travel, or special occasion. Others wish to donate their wigs. One organization that we support is the Boutique at Memorial Sloan Kettering – 64 St. You can contact them directly at 212-639-2291, or E-mail them at mcleode@mskcc.org and they will help to place donated wigs to people in need, who simply can’t afford them.

Do you take hair donations at Angels of New York?

At this time we are not set up for this kind of distribution, although we do highly support and recommend the organization called Locks of Love. You can contact them at: www.locksoflove.org