Chemotherapy? Is this really happening to me? I thought I looked fear in the face having survived September 11th. But this news elevated fear to a whole new level. I was informed that among other things, I would lose my hair. My femininity, my hair, in all its crowning glory would fall away. Dare I complain of a bad hair day again? With courage, I approached Angels of New York. It is housed in a lovely brownstone; the very atmosphere is serene and peaceful. Jonathan and Robert have a unique and professional approach. They gently and respectfully obtained the required information from me. I told them I hoped to transition through this with dignity and grace and that I wanted a wig as close to my own hair as possible. They anticipated every concern and were prepared to instruct me on all aspects of maintaining the new me. My new tresses were absolutely beautiful. I was uplifted and encouraged. It was a great comfort to actually appear healthy. In fact, when I saw another oncologist, she thought I still had my original hair. She is now referring her patients to Angels of New York. Now I have some idea of why they call themselves angels.

Joanne Larkin

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for your care & your kindness. It helped us through a very difficult time.


Jack & Silvie K.

Dear Jonathan & Robert,

Thank you for making me look and feel like me again. You guys are great!

See you before prom & graduation.

With love,



Dear Jonathan & Robert,

Thank you so much for putting me at ease during a difficult time in my life.  I will go into my cancer treatment phase which will include the hair loss with confidence.

I asked you to help make my hair loss transition seamless, create a wig to match my style and color. You did just that only better! Now I smile knowing I have the perfect, natural looking hair to wear when the time comes.  You truly are Angels. Love you both.


Nancy G.

Dear Jonathan & Robert,

I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you for helping me get through a very difficult time. The wigs were gorgeous. Your compassion & thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. I have recently embraced my new short haircut but wanted you both to know how important you were through the healing process.

Warmest Regards,

Ilyne W.

Ilyne W.

Dear Jonathan & Robert,

Thank you for being two of my legion of angels that saw me through my miserable journey.

My hair is finally growing out and i have decided to brave the world with my new salt & pepper bob look. Most folks that have seen me prefer me with this look but  have always been partial to long hair. I’ll see if this look eventually grows on me.

One thing for sure, the “real” Bridget Jones (that’s me) still doesn’t look anything like the “fake’ Bridget Jones (that’s Renee Zellwiger) but guess what? Neither does she! She doesn’t look like herself nowadays – ha ha!

My guardian angel and I are sending you both our warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks for your loving support, uplifting encouragement and the exceptional care that you have shown me during a time in my life when I need it the most!

Happy to report I am doing exceptionally well and i sincerely hope this finds you both as spectacular as ever!



Dearest Jonathan & Robert,

Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying your trip to the max. Kisses for Sugar!

Just wanted to thank you both for making a very unpleasant experience (shaving my head) a very (almost) happy experience. Your caring, thoughtful and fun-loving personalities made that much easier!

I’m getting countless compliments on “my” hair as well. i feel so confident in it and I have you two to thank for it! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!! You’re both so amazing!!!!


Barbara C.

Barbara C.

Dear Jonathan & Robert,

This is a very overdue note of thanks to both of you for the beautiful wig you made for me in Feb. i have worn it to rave reviews. People who don’t know about my troubles can’t tell I have it on and those that do say it’s the most amazing wig they’ve ever seen. needless to say, I am extremely grateful to you both. Not only did you produce a superior wig for me but you made yourselves available to see me at odd hours and on short notice. You were kind and considerate and generous and helpful. You made an experience I was dreading much more pleasant and with your kindness and sense of humor down right pleasurable. You are both pros and I’m happy I found you. Loosing my hair was one of the most traumatic things that has ever happened to me and having the wig you made me at the ready truly eased the pain.

Many many thanks,

Peggy K.

Peggy K.

Dear Jonathan and Robert,

Thank you for providing the most professional service. I appreciate you for redoing my wig.

Your compassion and kindness is greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Marie F.

Marie F.

Dear Robert & Jonathan,

Yovanna & I have come to the conclusion that luck is a huge factor in someone’s life. So….. we are therefore sending you a Lucky Butterfly so that you will always have luck in every aspect of your lives.

I also just want to say Thank You both for what you have done for us. As a mother there is nothing worse that could of ever happened, seeing my child smile with her old confidence again is a beautiful thing!!

I love you both & let us know when the catalog’s happening.



To my Angels Jonathan and Robert

As I discussed during our recent telephone conversation, I am enclosing my wig to be washed and styled. I would appreciate your returning it to me Friday, May 16 by Federal Express for Saturday, May 17 delivery to my address above. Besides the styling and shipping costs, please also add to my Master Card a gratuity of $50 for my sincere gratitude.

I would like to take this time to let you know what this wig means to me. I have metastatic breast cancer that will never be “cured.” I wear my wig every day. My wig lets me feel as normal as possible during a rather bleak time in my life and gives me the dignity I thought I would never have again. This is not just “hair” to me, it is so very much more to my whole personality and well being. My fellow employees at work still do not know I wear a wig! Sometimes if I have put curlers in they remark how nice my hair looks and where did I go to have it done. Several strangers have asked what beautician I go to! Of course, I follow your advice and never tell them it is a wig–my own little secret. What a confidence lifter those remarks are to me!

Thank you for your kindness, understanding and especially for the grand service you offer to so many worthy individuals.

Miriam K.

What fabulous work you do! Saying thank- you seems so inadequate to express what you have done for me. It was very difficult to lose my hair and so quickly (you were right, at 2 weeks). Having this beautiful wig to put on allows me to live my life and gives me confidence to face each day. You have made such a difference. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time. Love.


When my wife discovered she had cancer, you can imagine the shock we had to deal with. We knew that chemotherapy was going to be hard. The loss of her beautiful long hair would add to her depression. Then we met you. You took the time to explain what getting a wig was all about. Your patience and understanding was truly remarkable. Our confidence and faith in you was rewarded with a truly spectacular wig. My wife is staying positive do in large part to your work. We really appreciated the personal service. To my wife, you are angels.

Jeff O.